Without the right tax strategy advisor, most people have the following thoughts about taxes:

  • Taxes are a necessary evil
  • There is no way I will ever understand my taxes
  • All my hard earned money goes to pay my taxes


What is scary about falling into this type of thinking is it can lead to overpaying your taxes. The perceived complexity of the tax code plays right into how most people are taught to think about taxes - that they are just too complicated to even try to understand.  In fact, according to the IRS, 92% of businesses over pay their taxes every year.

Here are four key qualities I think every tax advisor should have:

#1 Your Tax Strategy Advisor Should Ask You Questions (Lots of them)

If you have to ask all the questions, then you have the wrong tax advisor.  It is a necessity for your tax advisor to ask you a lot of questions. Questions enable your tax strategy advisor to understand your situation and goals.

#2 Your Tax Strategy Advisor Should Reduce Your Taxes...Legally

Your tax strategy advisor should know the tax law well enough to know how to be creative within the law, without having to bend any rules.

#3 Your Tax Strategy Advisor Should Increase Your Tax Awareness

Your tax strategy advisor should be excited to share new information with you about how to reduce your taxes and provide you with a clear understanding of the tax rules.

#4 Never Use a Tax Preparer Who Isn't Also Your Tax Strategy Advisor.

Your tax strategy advisor shouldn't only prepare your tax return. Your tax strategy advisor should be able to help you create and implement sound tax strategies too.