22 ways to celebrate National Goof Off Day

Happy Goof Off Day, everyone! Today is the perfect day to get crazy and loosen up. We spend so much time being stressed, whether it’s at the office, in school, at home or in traffic. So today is the day to forget your problems and just laugh a little. Call in sick to work, or if you’re already there, find an excuse to leave, because today is your day to let loose and have fun.

Trying to find a great way to celebrate? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve created a handy dandy list of 22 ways to goof off today, whether you’re in the office or free to roam about.

  1. Take the day off everything: work, school, whatever.
  2. Go somewhere unexpected.
  3. Play tourist in St. Louis
  4. Try a new food (introduce your kids to something new)
  5. Breakfast for dinner – need we say more?
  6. Catch up on Netflix
  7. Do something you would love to do if you had nothing on your To-Do list
  8. Have a dance party- Dance like no one is watching!
  9. Go Outside – it has been a long Winter – Take a day to bask in the sun.
  10. Play a board game
  11. Take a Nap
  12. Have a coffee date with your spouse, the kids, your friends or with a good book.
  13. Read a new book
  14. Play Golf
  15. Take a hike
  16. Have a picnic in the park
  17. Wake up late
  18. Watch old comedies
  19. Go for a drive
  20. UNPLUG Try to be out of touch for the entire day
  21. If stuck at the office – have a nerf gun fight with your coworkers
  22. Just Be Silly, pig out and have as much fun as you can!

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